Local Attractions

Santa Clara Desert Reserve
The SCRR is comprised of approximately 6,500 acres of public lands administered by the BLM St. George Field Office. It is located in the west central portion of Washington County, directly


southwest of the communities of Ivins and Santa Clara and east of the Shivwits Indian Reservation.  The SCRR encompasses the entire 1,645 acre Santa Clara/Land Hill Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) which contains numerous prehistoric sites and essential riparian habitat. Critical habitat for Threatened and Endangered plant species including the Dwarf Bearclaw Poppy (Arctomecon humilis) and theHolmgren Milkvetch (Astragalus homgreniorum) is also incorporated into the SCRR. These important and sensitive resources informed the management strategies developed in the ROMP.
Zion National Park
Zion Canyon offers amazing vistas from the top of the mesas as well as adventures into the slot canyons. This is a great place to explore the power of water in shaping the geography of our land. There are shorter day hikes and multiple backpacking trips with a lot of backcountry to be explored. This national park also offers big wall climbing. Zion is only a 45 minute drive from St. George.
Bryce Canyon National Park
At Bryce you can enjoy looking out over miles of pinnacles and spires. This national park is famous for its unique rock formations called hoodoos. The contrast of Ponderosa Pines with the red rocks creates a stunning view. You can also view many different species of wildlife in Bryce including Pronghorn and Rocky Mountain Elk. Bryce offers many great hikes and is only two hours from St. George.
Snow Canyon State Parkscsp2

Looking for a great trail run close to home? Snow Canyon is truly a local treasure only minutes from downtown. The park offers biking, rock climbing, running and hiking around the white and red biking trail that goes through the entire park and surrounding areas.sandstone and black volcanic rock. If you are lucky you might see a desert tortoise. These rare animals reside in the park and the surrounding Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. There is a running and

Grand Canyon National Park
Whether you are looking for a scenic view or an adventurous backpacking trip, the Grand Canyon offers something for everyone. You can ride the river, hike into the canyon or simply enjoy the view from the rim. Either way you choose to look at it, the Grand Canyon is a must see. Nearly 5 million people visit the canyon each year so plan your trip ahead of time. The more accessible South RimGrand_Canyon_view_from_Pima_Point_2010is a few hours drive away. From May to October you can access the North Rim which is 150 miles from St. George.
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Cedar Breaks is only an hour away from St. George. At 10,000 ft. in elevation, it is a great way to escape the summer heat. During the summer months, the wildflowers bloom and add to the already colorful scenery. The monument has beautiful red rock walls and spires that create an amazing natural rock amphitheater. You’ll enjoy the trails around the rim and through a forest with bristlecone pines over 1,600 years old.
Trail Running
There are many trails around the area you can run that offer amazing vistas and panoramic views. St. George has a strong running community. If you’d prefer to run paved trails the city of St. George offers an extensive trail system.
Sand Hollow State Park
During the hot summer months, locals head for the water to play. Whether you enjoy water skiing, swimming, fishing, riding an ATV or just lounging in the sand dunes, Sand Hollow has something for everyone. With over 20,000 acres of park, during the hot summer months this state park is a great place to escape the heat. Sand Hollow is only 15 minutes from St. George.